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Mac K. presents his lastest motion picture!

New uncensored trailer for Safety First: the Rise of Women! The most depraved safety training film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry!

Download the quicktime trailer, 39MB

Download the ipod version, 24MB

My pitch video for my next film, The Nature of Progress on IndieGoGo.

Download the quicktime version, 31MB

Download the ipod version, 18MB

You may have noticed I haven’t posted any videos lately. I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I keep coming up with nothing but dead ends.

Download the quicktime version, 36MB

Download the ipod version, 31MB

The Glamour Of It All from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Shot to the background of the Hollywood sign, an actress basks in the glory of show business. Acting is tough and you have to figure out a way to pay the bills until your big break. Sometimes that means doing extra work. But if you do extra work, don’t expect to get discovered. If they do discover you on set as an extra, it usually means you’re not doing your job and you’ll probably never work in this town again.

Download the Quicktime version, 14MB

Download the iPod version, 11MB

Best Man for the Job from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

A man may be able to do a job, but a woman looks much better doing it. A construction worker, a firefighter and a housewife; three California women making the world go round.

Download the Quicktime version, 21MB

Download the iPod version, 17MB

Dancer in Red from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

If you work in an office, it’s important that you make time for exercise. Shooting the woman in red dancing on the rooftop reminded me of how I feel about classical musicians and how I never want to return to the ballet.

Download the Quicktime version, 21MB

Download the iPod version, 17MB

Jumping through hoops from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

To get anywhere in life you have to jump through hoops, sometimes hula hoops to break through roadblocks to reach your potential. That’s it! Move, shake, gyrate! Freedom is just a short step away through that door. Women striving and thriving in Safety First: the Rise of Women!

Download the Quicktime version, 17MB

Download the iPod version, 15MB

Street Walkers from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
Shooting on the streets of Los Angeles is like a filmmaker’s paradise filled with horny cops, homeless guys who want to share their private moments with you and alcoholic bus riders who can’t hold down their liquor. Some fond memories were created when I shot these girls walking the streets of LA.

Download the Quicktime version, 21MB

Download the iPod version, 17MB

Squeeze for Milk from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
I had a dream I was a goat, grazing on a sunny mountainside in Southern Italy. Afternoons were spent breathing the fresh air and eating the healthy green grass. Then at the start of my ten month long lactation period, the farmer’s big-breasted wife would put me on a pedestal and massage me and milk me until I was dry. It’s a goat’s life…a goat’s life for me.

Download the Quicktime version, 16MB

Download the iPod version, 13MB

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