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Mac K. presents his lastest motion picture!

New uncensored trailer for Safety First: the Rise of Women! The most depraved safety training film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry!

Download the quicktime trailer, 39MB

Download the ipod version, 24MB

My pitch video for my next film, The Nature of Progress on IndieGoGo.

Download the quicktime version, 31MB

Download the ipod version, 18MB

Who said my videos aren’t family friendly?  (sorry I forgot the download links to the last episode posted, they’re up now)

Download the quicktime version, 39MB

Download the ipod version, 37MB

Getting a scene just right with an actor is sometimes a dance. The trick is to rehearse until the magic just happens.

Download the quicktime version,47MB

Download the ipod version, 47MB

Lesbian bongos at DragonCon from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

I have to end the videos from the Dragon*Con Film Festival with the drum circle. Nothing better than watching two girls dancing together at four in the morning to the raw sounds of beating drums.

Download the quicktime version, 33Mb

Download the ipod version, 30MB

Nature Exposed from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Modern day life has severed man’s connection to nature. Society demands that we deny our true nature and natural instincts so that we can engage in “acceptable” behavior. In this week’s clip I join the girls in exploring our true selves.

Download the quicktime version, 14MB

Download the ipod version, 13MB

Acting for the Greenscreen pt. 2 from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

In acting for the greenscreen part 2, we learn how to prepare emotionally. Valerie and Julie demonstrate two acting techniques you can employ to make your greenscreen performance more believable.

Download the Quicktime version, 22MB

Download the iPod version, 18MB

Acting for the Greenscreen from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

With more visual effects being used in films today it’s imperative that actors learn how to act in front of the greenscreen. It’s more than hitting your marks and finding the right eye line. Deanna and Natalie perform a couple of scenes and show us how it’s done by interacting with their imaginary environment and making strong choices.

Download the Quicktime version, 21MB

Download the iPod version, 17MB

Dancer in Red from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

If you work in an office, it’s important that you make time for exercise. Shooting the woman in red dancing on the rooftop reminded me of how I feel about classical musicians and how I never want to return to the ballet.

Download the Quicktime version, 21MB

Download the iPod version, 17MB

Donuts and Donut Holes from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
When I was shooting this scene, all I could think about was all the choices I’ve made in my life. And just like what one’s choices reveal, you can really tell a lot about a person from the kinds of donuts they choose. This is an important lesson in my safety film. If you don’t know how to make a wise decision in life, how are you going to be able to handle yourself in a life threatening emergency situation?

Download the Quicktime version, 26MB

Download the iPod version, 22MB

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