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Mac K. presents his lastest motion picture!

New uncensored trailer for Safety First: the Rise of Women! The most depraved safety training film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry!

Download the quicktime trailer, 39MB

Download the ipod version, 24MB

My pitch video for my next film, The Nature of Progress on IndieGoGo.

Download the quicktime version, 31MB

Download the ipod version, 18MB

You may have noticed I haven’t posted any videos lately. I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I keep coming up with nothing but dead ends.

Download the quicktime version, 36MB

Download the ipod version, 31MB

S’mores are an aphrodisiac. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I’m on them. Must be the chocolate.

Download the quicktime version, 58MB

Download the ipod version, 55MB

How to Survive an Earthquake Trailer from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Trailer for the the debauched and debased film, How to Survive an Earthquake.

Download the quicktime version, 18MB

Download the ipod version, 5MB


If you’re getting this post it means your rss subscription feed transferred over properly to the new server for this blog.

You don’t have to re-subscribe!  Yay!  More debauchery coming soon!

Mac K.

Casting part 1 from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Learn how to make your casting sessions more productive. Another one from the archives.

Download the quicktime version, 30MB

Download the ipod version, 30MB

Who said my videos aren’t family friendly?  (sorry I forgot the download links to the last episode posted, they’re up now)

Download the quicktime version, 39MB

Download the ipod version, 37MB

The Human Condition: let’s see that pain from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

If you don’t learn something from my films, you must not be paying attention.

Download the quicktime version, 28MB

Download the ipod version, 25MB

Symbols in film from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

All you need to tell any story are some bikini clad women and a couple of tubes of sun tan lotion. Anything more and you’re relying on gimmicks. Another clip from the archives.

Download the quicktime version, 26MB

Download the ipod version, 24MB

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