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Mac K. presents his lastest motion picture!

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Safety First: the Rise of Women!

on DVD now!

DVD includes:

  • 50 minute film
  • Video Blogs with Mac Kelly’s Director Commentary
  • Photo Gallery
  • Uncensored Trailer
  • Mac’s Bio

Buy the DVD for $14.95 with Paypal and get your free Booby prize! A 2nd DVD with even more boobies – outtakes of the topless dancers! That’s 2 DVD’s for only $14.95! Offer not available anywhere else the DVD is sold!

plus $2.99 for 1st Class USPS mail, $5.99 for international air

16×9 widescreen aspect ratio

Download an ipod version for $2.99

– ipod file plays on computer or ipod

– Can burn to DVD, no DRM

– 640×360, .m4v file, 588MB

Download a DVD quality version for $7.99

– Plays on computer or Apple TV

– Can burn to DVD, no DRM

– 853×480, .m4v file, 1.1GB

Download links will be valid for 24 hours or 3 download times, whichever comes first.

DVD also available at these sites:

Downloads also available at:

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