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Deep Breathing from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

The ability to stay calm in a fire, earthquake or other emergency could save your life. An unexpected fire alarm can jolt you out of your daydreaming or your video game playing while at work and might cause you to panic. To help you to relax, perform a set of deep breathing exercises before you begin emergency procedures.

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Stay Low in Smoke from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
Here we cover one of the most important fire safety procedures. Since hot air rises, it’s very important to stay low in smoke.  And remember, don’t panic!

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Acting for the Greenscreen pt. 2 from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

In acting for the greenscreen part 2, we learn how to prepare emotionally. Valerie and Julie demonstrate two acting techniques you can employ to make your greenscreen performance more believable.

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Acting for the Greenscreen from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

With more visual effects being used in films today it’s imperative that actors learn how to act in front of the greenscreen. It’s more than hitting your marks and finding the right eye line. Deanna and Natalie perform a couple of scenes and show us how it’s done by interacting with their imaginary environment and making strong choices.

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The Glamour Of It All from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Shot to the background of the Hollywood sign, an actress basks in the glory of show business. Acting is tough and you have to figure out a way to pay the bills until your big break. Sometimes that means doing extra work. But if you do extra work, don’t expect to get discovered. If they do discover you on set as an extra, it usually means you’re not doing your job and you’ll probably never work in this town again.

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