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Squeeze for Milk from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
I had a dream I was a goat, grazing on a sunny mountainside in Southern Italy. Afternoons were spent breathing the fresh air and eating the healthy green grass. Then at the start of my ten month long lactation period, the farmer’s big-breasted wife would put me on a pedestal and massage me and milk me until I was dry. It’s a goat’s life…a goat’s life for me.

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Butt Seriously Folks! from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.

Since it’s summer time, clothes have been shed, bodies are being shown off, women are out running errands to the grocery store and laundry mat wearing nothing but hot pants, high heels and various cleavage revealing garments, I thought I’d take a break from the safety film footage and post up something from another one of my films. This week’s clip features footage from a documentary I made about a very important men’s issue. An issue that often gets swept under the rug about a terrible affliction that many men suffer from, men who suffer in silence because the medical community sees them as victimless victims. If this clip causes just one man to take action and seek help, I’ve done my job.

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Donuts and Donut Holes from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
When I was shooting this scene, all I could think about was all the choices I’ve made in my life. And just like what one’s choices reveal, you can really tell a lot about a person from the kinds of donuts they choose. This is an important lesson in my safety film. If you don’t know how to make a wise decision in life, how are you going to be able to handle yourself in a life threatening emergency situation?

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Captain of Industry from Mac Kelly on Vimeo.
Do women or men make better bosses? Is a female boss more authoritative if she’s wearing a hat? Who says a woman has to dress like a man to do men’s work? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I think by shooting this scene, I’ve learned that if you go to the desert be sure to bring plenty of water.

Download the Quicktime version, 33MB

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